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Rosebud Rescue Inc.

"Home is where the herding breeds are."

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About Us

Rosebud Rescue is a not for profit organization in West Falls, NY specializing in herding breed dogs. Our goal is to rehabilitate and rehome to owners who understand the needs of a high energy working dog, and to offer permanent sanctuary and safe management for those who have been deemed unadoptable to the general public.

While we'll do our best to help any dog in need, our focus is primarily on herding breeds. These breeds are often misunderstood due to their drive, energy level, and instincts. Our goal is to provide our adopters with the education and tools to live healthy, fulfilling lives with these incredibly smart and loyal dogs!

Another area of focus for us are dogs with disabilities, behavioral issues, or medical issues.

These dogs often require some extra attention and care in one way or another and we pride ourselves on taking the time to work with them to not only make their quality of life the best it can be, but to also help our adopters maintain that care after welcoming their new 4-legged family member.

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Meet Our Founder

Zahra James

A life revolving around animals has always been the norm for Zahra. After years of rescuing on a smaller scale, Rosebud Rescue Inc. was officially formed in 2021. 

Zahra's passion for herding breeds started after a pregnant Australian Cattle Dog was dumped at their horse farm in Florida in 2015, and the rest was history! Three of the puppies born went on to become permanent members of their family and helped lay the foundation for what Rosebud Rescue has become. Those dogs have instilled into Zahra the patience, love, understanding, and ever growing curiosity it has taken to stick by the animals that needed her most.

Zahra has worked professionally with animals for years, first as a horse trainer/riding instructor and more recently at dog boarding and daycare facilities. She is currently enrolled in a course to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and will be looking forward to providing R+ dog training not only to the dogs at Rosebud Rescue, but to all owners in the WNY area looking to form a fear free and consent based relationship with their dog.

HOME: About Us
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