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Adoption Info

If you're interested in fostering or adopting, you must fill out an adoption application first!

Please indicate "foster only" if you would like to become a temporary foster.

Adoption Application

If your application is approved, you will be contacted by email or text message to proceed with a meet and greet. If there is not a dog you are immediately interested in, your application will be kept on file and you will be pre-approved to adopt for 1 year. 

We will NOT process your application if the specific dog you are interested in already has an adoption pending unless the dog becomes available again. Please specify "and others" if you would potentially be interested in other dogs if your first choice is not available.

If you have questions about a specific dog, the best way to contact us is by email. Please be patient with us. We will do our best to respond to you in a timely manner, but the care of our dogs is our priority first and foremost.

Please note, we will consider long distance adoptions at the adopters expense for FULLY VETTED dogs in the US only. We do not adopt to Canada at this time.


Adoption Fees

Adults (over 1 year old) - $500

Puppies (under 1 year old) - $600

*Effective July 1st 2024 our adoption fees have increased due to a lack of donations, however we will honor the old fees for any pending adoptions.*

What is the adoption process like?

  1. We will first look over your application and decide if you are a good fit for the dog in question. If we feel that dog is not right for you but have another we would recommend, we will reach out to you. If an application is missing ANY information, or if we feel anything indicated on the application does not align with the care we want our dogs to have, you will be denied. 

  2. The next step will be to reach out to your references. Please give them a heads up! You must call your vet and giving them permission to release information about current and past pets in your home to Rosebud Rescue and our volunteers. We will inquire with your vet about the care of current and past animals in your home and their vaccination status, spay/neuter status, monthly preventatives, etc. If renting, we must get confirmation from your landlord that you are able to adopt a dog. Please understand that reaching out to your references is time consuming, and we will only call once. If we are unable to get sufficient information from the references provided in a timely manner, we will not be able to approve your application. 

  3. Once fully approved, a representative will get in touch with you to schedule a meet and greet. The first meet and greet will be with human family members at our rescue or the dogs foster home. If there are other pets in your home we will do a slow and proper introduction at the home check. 

Our adoption process is slow, well thought out, and in the best interest of our dogs and their adopters. In an effort to not rush things, we place a pending adoption status on our dogs after a meet and greet is scheduled. After the initial meet and greet, you will have 1 week to follow up with us on your decision before the dog is made available for adoption. 

Why did I not hear back about my application?

  1. Your application may have been denied for any of the reasons listed above. We are unable to reach out to applicants who's application we were not able to approve. 

  2. The dog you are interested in may already have an adoption pending. If you indicate you are only interested in one specific dog, we will not process your application if that dog has a pending adoption. Please be advised that we do not process applications on a first come first serve basis. If a dog has a large amount of applications after first being posted, we will start with the one we feel is the best fit for the dog in question. 

You are more than welcome to email us to request an update on the status of your application. Please include your full name and the dog(s) you applied for in your email request and be patient while awaiting a response. ​

What is included in an adoption fee?

  1. Unless otherwise stated, every dog available for adoption is up to date on Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, and Lepto vaccines. They are spayed or neutered, microchipped, up to date on monthly flea/tick and heartworm/parasite prevention, have a negative SNAP 4DX test (this tests for heartworm and tick-borne diseases), and are cleared by our vet for adoption.

  2. You will receive a packet containing your dogs vaccination record and a summary of their diet, medications/supplements, and preventatives given. 

  3. We are always available for general advice, training help, and recommendations for the duration of your dogs life. We consider our adopters a part of our family and they are always encouraged to reach out for support.

What should I expect after my adoption?

  1. New adopters should plan on making an appointment with their veterinarian shortly after bringing their dog home to get them established as a patient and to keep them current on monthly preventatives. 

  2. An adjustment period is to be expected as your dog gets used to their new surroundings and routine. This may take days for some, or months for others. Consistency and understanding are key when transitioning a dog to their new home. 

  3. New dogs in the home should not be left unattended with existing pets for a significant amount of time. We recommend crating your new dog or confining them to a separate room while everyone acclimates to one another. 

  4. Training classes or programs are not a requirement to adopt from us, but are always recommended. Please ask us for suggestions on trainers if you are unsure! 

What happens if I change my mind after adopting a dog?

  1. While we hope that all of our dogs land in their forever homes when leaving us, we only want the best for them and will not pass judgements if an adoption does not work out. We want our adopters to have the right dog for them, and we also want our dogs to be in a home that they can easily fit into. As stated in our adoption contract, a dog must be returned back to us if the adopter can no longer keep them - no exceptions. Please note that once an adoption is finalized, the adoption fee is non-refundable.

  2. If you are on the fence about a dog, we recommend starting with a foster-to-adopt situation. The dog would join your family as they would with a regular adoption but remain property of the rescue for up to 3 weeks. After that period you can either finalize the adoption, return the dog, or continue to foster the dog while they search for another forever family. 

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